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Dosage Administration Aids Gold Coast

Dose Administration Aids

What Is A Dose Administration Aid?

Dose Administration Aids help people be more organised when it comes to their medications. The aim is to prevent incorrect dosages and ensure that medication has not been tampered with.

Greg Keily Chemist uses state of the art tablet packaging robots, which sort tablets and capsules into easy to use blister and sachet packs. It sets out all of the tablets and capsules that need to be taken into different times of the day, for each day of the week. This groundbreaking technology helps us to provide a medication management system to patients and nursing homes to allow them to easily manage their medication.

Sachets are small plastic packets which contain the appropriate medicines for a particular date and dose time. Information relating to the name of the patient and the drugs and dosage contained inside is printed on the sachet itself.

Our blister and sachet packs are distributed to local nursing homes, aged care facilities, hospitals, and community patients.

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How Can Dose Administration Aids Help?

Missing doses of medication or accidently doubling up on a dose can result in serious injury or hospitalisation. Approximately one third of unplanned visits to the hospital involving an elderly patient is related to the taking their medication. 

Advantages of Dosage Administration Aids

  • Simplifies the taking of multiple medicines.
  • Improved physical and general health.
  • It is far more unlikely that medication will be accidently missed or the incorrect doasge consumed.
  • Closer and more transparent collaboration between different health practitioners regarding a common patient's management of medicines.
  • Reduced stress surrounding medication management for both patients and carers.
  • Fewer medicines need to be stored in the home.
  • Reduced hoarding of medications.


Patients Most Likely To Benefit From Dosage Administration Aids

  • People suffering with a more severe illness.
  • Anyone who uses multiple medications or has a complex medicine regimen.
  • Patients who have reported non-adherence.
  • Patients who require help with the everyday activities of daily living.
  • People who commonly experience confusion or difficulty in handling their medicines.
  • If the patient has been  hospitalised in the preceding year


Patients Who May Not benefit From Dosage Administration Aids

  • Patients who have fewer than 4 oral medications.
  • If they can manage and adequately understand their own medicines.
  • If they are on multiple medicines that are not appropriate to be packed into a DAA such as liquids, inhalers etc.
  • The patient i visually impaired or physically lack finesse when handling medications.


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