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Greg Keily Chemist was part of the Queensland Pharmacist Immunisation Project (QPIP). The aim of this project was to give timely and convenient access to vaccinations through community pharmacy. Legislation has now been passed,  allowing properly accredited Pharmacists to administer certain vaccines.

The qualified pharmacists at Greg Keily Chemist are able to provide immunisations for Whooping Cough, Measles, Mumps and Rubella, the Influenza (flu vaccine) and Covid-19.

All vaccinations are performed in our purpose built consultation room, by a qualified pharmacist, allowing for a private consultation with the pharmacist away from the general public.

Vaccinations can now be booked online:

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About Influenza

Each year thousands of Queenslanders are hospitalised with the influenza virus, commonly known as “the flu”. High-risk groups include mothers, pregnant women and those over the aged of 65. As per Queensland Health guidelines, vaccination against Influenza is required annually, as the vaccine changes each year to cover the expected disease strains.

Read more about flu vaccinations.


About Measles

According to Queensland Health, Queensland is experiencing its worst outbreak of measles in over 15 years and roughly one-third of adults who contract measles need to be hospitalised. A booster is recommended for all adults born during or since 1966 unless you have evidence of having already received two doses of the MMR vaccine, and especially for healthcare workers, people who work with children and those looking to travel overseas.


About Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough immunisation in adults protects vulnerable infants from contracting the potentially life-threatening illness. There is no cure and the illness results in death for one in every 200 babies who contract it. As per Queensland Health guidelines, a Whooping Cough (Pertussis) booster dose is strongly recommended for males and females planning a pregnancy, people working with, living with or caring for babies under six months and any other adults who want to reduce the risk of infection and haven’t had a previous booster in the last ten years.

If you need any further information regarding vaccinations, our Pharmacists and staff are happy to talk. Contact us or call us on 07 5555 7877 or alternatively, you can book your vaccination online.

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