Common Summer Health Conditions & How To Avoid Them

Summer has arrived, and along with it, the mercury is steadily rising. While the scorching temperatures can be unpleasant, they also bring an increased risk of various health issues. On the Gold Coast in Australia, the summer season typically spans from December to February and is renowned for its sweltering heat and high UV index. … Continue reading Common Summer Health Conditions & How To Avoid Them

Common causes for earaches and how to fix it

Earaches and ear infections are common health issues in children but can affect people of all ages. They are usually caused by inflammation, infection or blockage in the ear. The symptoms can range from mild to severe and can cause discomfort, pain, and hearing difficulties.

This article will provide an overview of earaches and ear infections, their causes, symptoms, treatments and prevention measures.

How to Exercise with Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious and complex disease that affects the entire body. Those who suffer from it use insulin to control and manage the level of glucose in their bodies. They also observe a proper diet to keep diabetes from leading to other complications.