winter vaccinations

It’s Time To Get Your Winter Vaccinations

Winter is just around the corner and people are excited with the respite from the heat. Imagine comfy bed weather intended for snuggling or cozy nights on your couch as you watch a movie while enjoying the warmth of your heater. Also, isn’t it amazing how the cold makes your cup of coffee instantly more enjoyable? A big yes to all of that. Winter could be such a lovely and romantic season indeed, if it weren’t for the colds and flu that come with it.

Based on studies, and just from experience itself, the chance of getting sick during the cold, winter season is higher. Infections caused by something as simple as a common cold, or as serious as a winter flu will all be on the rise. Asthma, sore throat, the dreaded norovirus, yes, even heart attack become common but unwelcome guests during the freezing weather.

Hence, we need to protect ourselves from infection.

Strengthening your immune system comes highly recommended in fighting off illnesses. This means having a good diet, plenty of exercise, and enough sleep. However, bad habits die hard and sometimes, we just can’t form good ones in time for winter. The good thing is, there’s still immunisation –an effective way to help make us resistant to infection.

The administration of vaccines triggers our immune system to be familiar with the disease, thus developing a quick response to fight or prevent it. Vaccination is important both for children and adults as there are diseases that affect us all, regardless of age. When you’re protected from diseases, you can be sure to enjoy your planned activities this winter without worrying about getting sick.

In picking immunisation services, we should choose facilities with knowledgeable health providers. Greg Keily Chemist is staffed by certified professionals with years of training. Easily located at 98 Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215, their consultation rooms are accessible, not to mention fully equipped and comfortable.

Open from day to night and from Mondays thru Sundays, we can provide vaccination against several diseases such as whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, and influenza. For more information, contact us at (07) 5555 7877. You can also read more about our immunisation services at here.