Do You Have Trouble Remembering Your Scripts?

Do You Have Trouble Remembering Your Scripts?

“Did I forget something?” How many times have we asked ourselves this question only to remember hours later that we did? This is a familiar scenario for many and there are a number of reasons that make us forget even the most important things –like our prescriptions.

It may seem like a punchline on TV when a character is getting old, but the reality is more serious than that. Sometimes people forget to pick up their medication before it runs out and there would be no choice left but to miss one or two doses. And when they finally get to refill, some resort to taking double doses to catch up which is quite risky and in severe cases could lead to a trip to the hospital –the very thing you’re trying to avoid.

Script Reminder Service

Greg Keily Chemist came up with the Script Reminder Service for people that need help to keep up to date with their prescription. The service sends messages to customers when their prescription is due to be refilled. For more convenience, you’ll have the option to pick it up from the pharmacy or have it delivered to your home.

Sign up for the service here and never miss a prescription refill again.